Portland Rental Rates and Home Valuation – How to Find Them!

Posted on: March 25, 2016 By: Becky Jackson

Looking for a home valuation?

Here are some helpful places to find what your home might rent for at any given time.  Portland rental rates have climbed even more rapidly than home values.  I have posted links below to the relevant Portland or Oregon pages.


Rent-o-meter at

Zillow Rental Manager and

Craig’s List at

And for short term rentals at a daily rate, check out and

If you want a super quick glimpse of what your house is worth if you sold it today, check this automatic program using data from the Portland RMLS.  Mind you, as with the Z-estimate, this may not be completely accurate.  If you really need an accurate home valuation, call us for a custom report.


What’s My Home Worth?