Corkscrews, Motorbikes and Open houses!

Posted on: August 18, 2016 By: Suze Riley

My latest listing on NE 14th Ave is a beautiful, minimalist living kind of home.  Designed by architect Ben Waechter, it forces one to consider carefully the things you want around you.  I like that kind of house.  I want to live in this house.

My kids (both grown and living away from home) have assured me that they would come back in a heart beat if I managed to find a way to buy this house! Not sure I want THAT, I’m a lot closer to this kind of minimal without them in my immediate life.  The closest I’m going to get to living in this place is by holding an open house, where I get to sit in the quiet, serene space of the open plan main floor and enjoy the floor to ceiling windows, the cross currents of cool breeze, the low key neighborhood  and introduce people to this lovely place.

Ben Waechter HomeSuze BMW Motorcycle

I arrive on Thursday evening, by motorbike, as is my habit, having already delivered wine, soda and nibbles earlier in the day.  It is a very warm evening and as people start to arrive I find to my horror that there is no corkscrew to be found.  A search of the kitchen reveals everything except a corkscrew.  Hurried texts to the owner bring me no closer.  Beginning to panic slightly I remember – I’m on my bike.  I have all sorts of emergency things packed into my top box.  Tools for repairing punctured tires, extra gloves, ear plugs – you know the normal. But I also carry a knife, bottle opener and crucially a corkscrew.  Evening saved by Lulu (she’s my BMW 1200 GSA).

Ben Waechter Home InsideBen Waechter Home Backyard

People arrive, wine is sipped, the house sound system is playing Kruder & Dorfmeister and the house is being explored.  Outside there are two shipping containers tucked behind the house containing all that equipment that living in the pacific northwest requires – bikes, boards, skis.  I keep hearing the oooh’s and the wow’s as they are discovered.  Conversations about where a garage could be sited and having an ADU on top for extra rental space would be so cool, ensue.

All in all a fun evening!