Many Hats

Posted on: May 22, 2016 By: Sarah Burns

We wear many hats as Realtors.  Not only are we negotiators, fiduciaries, house and neighborhood experts, we are also counselors, kid distractors, navigators and advocates for our clients’ financial decisions.  A lot of these hats are worn during the process of buying or selling a home but there is one hat that we wear before and after our clients have completed their real estate transaction.

We serve as our clients’ source for referrals.  Contractors, painters, roofers, landscapers, HVAC contractors, mortgage lenders, financial advisors and our “guy” at the appliance shop.

You name it, we have it!

Through the years, we have vetted these resources both personally and with our clients.  We know them to be reliable and cost effective.  They are not always the cheapest guys in town, but they will give you a big bang for your buck!  And because these resources value our relationship, they take care of our clients.

Recently, I helped Jon and Leah purchase a home near the Hawthorne neighborhood.  For them, LOCATION was a top priority.  I put on my contractor referral hat and was able to hand them a list of contractors for their bathroom update project.

Things went so well that the project grew from just a bathroom remodel to a whole house remodel!

Trust is a key component when working with a referral network.  We trust that our referrals will handle our clients with 100% effort and our clients in return will gain an established relationship to build on.  This is a great photo of Jon and Leah and their lender (who we referred them to), Elizabeth Jansen, at their final closing appointment.

Congrats Jon and Leah, just let me know if you need any additional referrals.