About Us

Imagine if someone came along and did things a little differently.

If the way they treated each other—and you—was rooted in respect rather than rivalry. If they put community ahead of opportunity, and made sure there was transparency in every transaction. If they focused on sitting side-by-side with their customers instead of racing by their competition. Now, if all that was true, they might be the kind of people you’d choose to work with, right? Especially when you needed an ally during one of life’s biggest decisions? We thought so too. That’s why we created The Agency. Get in touch and let us change your mind about real estate agents.

What is The Agency?

The Agency is a full-service real estate boutique fueled by a concentrated group of thoughtful, experienced, highly effective agents. From our beautiful light-filled offices in NW Portland’s thriving Pearl District neighborhood, we’re fostering a modern professional environment around our values: continuously learning, collaborating to discover the best practices in our field, and always putting our clients’ interests ahead of our own. Also, being really good at selling houses.

  • We choose respect over rivalry.
  • We choose mutual benefit over manipulation.
  • We choose clients over competition.
  • We start from the idea that knowing you is as important as know-how, and then we put all our experience to work improving your experience.
  • At The Agency, it’s not about adding seats.
    It’s about adding value.