Dungeons and Dragons….. and well, Bomb Shelters too

Posted on: June 22, 2017 By: Suze Riley

It’s been a very busy spring! Daria and I had lots of great deals and one difficult. It is always the difficult that hone your negotiation skills; trying your hardest to understand motives, reasoning and sometimes what appears to be complete lunacy. We were put through the mill but emerged better for it, deal intact and all participants happy at the end of the day. It threw all our other deals into sharp relief as we sailed with lovely clients through transactions that were as stress free as possible. We are a great team and our combined energy seems to work really well for all our clients. One recent buyer, a single guy with a relatively limited budget but a great eye and a willingness to take on a project, put in an offer on perhaps the most interesting house we will sell all year. A mid-century modern, with great bones and a LOT of strange additional features, this house is certainly going to be a project. Our first inkling that things were not entirely ‘normal’ was a bank of three electrical panels, a mostly defunct pool, a hairdressers sink & fountain in the sun room and just when we thought we’d seen it all we discovered the bomb shelter.

           ..Bomb ShelterEscape Hatch

A door in a passageway leading from the back of the house to the side yard opened to a very steep concrete stairwell lit by a dim bulb about 20 feet down. A submarine type door with airlock bolts was at the bottom. Talk about an episode from ‘Lost’!! Down we went full of trepidation. Once through the door two rooms were revealed, clearly designed for survival there were two 80 gallon water tanks, an air supply system and then another escape hatch!

                          ..Water Pump Pipe Antenna

Spooky doesn’t even begin to describe how it felt being down there. Light switches with no covers, dim light bulbs, work benches and storage lockers. This place was designed for Armageddon. Our client has other ideas – much more fun, thankfully. Cannot WAIT for the first party!!