When You See How It Could Be

Posted on: September 9, 2016 By: Suze Riley

I have been working with a young couple – they have a toddler and another on the way, due around Christmas.  They need a bigger house and are in that red hot $350-$400,000 market.  They are seasoned buyers, cleverly buying, renovating, increasing the value, renting it out and buying another.  He is an architect and loves to do all his own work, (his wife says this is both a blessing and a curse!) and it means he can always see the possibilities, wants sometimes to get into the messiest gnarliest of houses if only to put it right. She wants a house they can pretty much move straight into, settle in, straighten up a little, before the baby arrives.  It’s been quite a journey!  We have written probably 9 or 10 offers, most of which we lost out to others writing far higher numbers than we are able.  There have been moments of panic and I have said ‘no!’ this is not your house, wait another day or two, your house WILL present itself.  I am an interior designer as well as a realtor and this skill set has been really useful.  We walk into houses and very quickly I can see the possibilities along with all the pitfalls, I try hard to walk that middle line between everything it can be and what can be sensibly achieved in the month or two they have available.  Last week we finally found it.  A house that had been sitting on the market initially overpriced, stinky upon entry, (think old dogs, smokers and drinkers) tired out, in great need of new energy. It had bedrooms in all the right places, an addition in the back that was well built, a tiny galley kitchen and a large back yard.  Perfect!

Living Room ViewLiving Room View Alternate Kitchen ViewFireplace

Rip out the carpet to reveal what we know are hardwood floors underneath.  Hopefully no need to refinish the wood – simply polish it up with wax.  Paint every wall, ceiling and trim.  And then turn that addition with galley kitchen into something like this:

Kitchen View AlternatePotential Kitchen

The master bathroom is tiny but could easily transform into something like this:

bathroom viewPotential Bathroom

The great thing about this house is the bones.  It’s mostly good.  Could so easily be fabulous!  We wrote our offer, it’s been accepted and I’m already dreaming of the day I get to see what this couple does with it!